Clinical Goniometer Set

$ 275.00

Six easy-to-read professional-quality instruments

These latex-free goniometers feature clearly marked degree increments and easy-to-read inch and centimeter linear measurements. A padded carrying case with compartments holds all six firmly in place.


  • 180-degree Robinson pocket goniometer

  • 180-degree goniometer

  • 360-degree goniometer

  • 6-inch finger goniometer

  • 8-inch aluminum X-ray goniometer

  • 8-inch stainless steel goniometer

The “Robinson” Stainless Steel Pocket Goniometer
The pocket goniometer has two 180° scales that read in opposite directions, and the scale is marked in 5° increments. It is ideal for measuring small joints of the hand.

Stainless Steel Goniometers
The 180° and the 360° goniometers have two scales that read in opposite directions and are marked in 1° increments. They also feature an on-locking friction arm.

The Stainless Steel Finger Goniometer
This 15cm standard finger goniometer requires the therapist to use two hands to make a finger range-of-motion measurement.

20cm Stainless Steel Goniometer
This goniometer has two 180° scales in opposite directions marked in 1° increments. By turning the knurled knob, you can vary the amount of tension on the arms or fully lock them.

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