Our Equipment

The equipment we sell is the culmination of over 60 years of research and development between Matheson and EpicRehab. Both companies are leaders in the field of rehabilitation protocol development, and we are proud to carry on the traditions of  uncompromising standards and the "safety first" mentality that is built into every piece of equipment we sell. The strength, lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling equipment is backed by peer-reviewed protocols, and the dexterity and range of motion equipment is backed by MTM standards. Equipment of our own design is manufactured in the United States. And as you’ll see, it’s all competitively priced. 

Our goal is to not just sell equipment, but to help professionals better their practices! 

Upcoming Training Events

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New! Research Paper Published "Age and Gender Normative Data for (Epic) Lift Capacity."

Equipment Financing is Available!