About Us

Our Products:

The testing equipment and protocols we carry have been chosen and used by leading occupational and physical therapists, as well as other rehabilitation professionals for years. Our equipment is used in clinics around the world, with clients spanning from injured workers, veterans, forensic rehabilitation, and beyond.

All of the equipment we sell, whether manufactured in-house, or carefully selected products from other leading therapy product manufactures, adheres to the five criteria of:  Safety - Reliability - Validity - Practicality - Utility

The Development of Matheson Over the Years

EpicRehab & Dr. Leonard Matheson

The beginning of Matheson Development actually started back in the 1970s by Dr. Leonard Matheson and his colleagues at Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center. His company was originally founded as ERIC, the Employment and Rehabilitation Institute and provided consultation to insurance carriers and functional capacity evaluation services to disabled clients in four locations in Southern California. ERIC then expanded to providing professional training seminars in occupational rehabilitation and by 1985 was offering three courses:

  • Work Capacity Evaluation
  • Work Tolerance Screening
  • Work Hardening

In Anaheim, California, ERIC established what was at that time the largest free-standing occupational rehabilitation clinic in the United States, the ERIC Rehabilitation Center. The Rehabilitation Center housed the ERIC Professional Residency Program that began in 1986. Over the years ERIC has become what is now EpicRehab, when Dr. Matheson retired from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and entered private practice as a clinician and consultant. EpicRehab has and continues to provide face-to-face and distance learning opportunities for occupational therapists, physical therapists, physicians, psychologists, vocational evaluators, rehabilitation counselors, and case managers. These learning opportunities focus on work rehabilitation of persons with disability, addressed through peer-reviewed and invited publications. In addition to this Dr. Matheson has designed and developed new functional capacity evaluation protocols, that have set the standards for lifting protocols and self evaluation reporting in the field of return to work. 

Roy Matheson & Associates Inc. & Roy Matheson

In 1988, Roy Matheson founded his family-run business built on the pioneering research and training done by Dr. Leonard Matheson in Anaheim. Roy Matheson brought his teaching talent and business savvy to bear on brother Leonard’s work to create an industry-leading company, Roy Matheson & Associates Inc. (RMA). Over the years RMA has continued to train and supports allied health and safety professionals in the areas of functional capacity evaluation, work injury evaluation, ergonomics, and Post-Offer employment testing and job assessment. RMA's certification programs serve both new evaluators and seasoned practitioners who want to extend and hone their skills. Training Workshops are held in person across the United States, Canada, and also online. In addition, they have selected and developed a full range of evaluation software and equipment.

Matheson Development, LLC

Matheson Development began in 2007. At this time both RMA and EpicRehab were looking for new manufactures to build, assemble and distribute the equipment line that both companies were carrying. Erin and Jon both admired and appreciated the work that Dr. Leonard Matheson & Roy Matheson had done over the years, and were happy to accept the opportunity to carry on the family business. Matheson Development was created originally to begin developing new products, starting with the Progressive Occupational Demand System. With successful development of this product and others it was a positive transition to begin manufacturing, packaging, and shipping existing products for both RMA and EpicRehab. Matheson Development is proud to carry on the tradition of excellence in customer service, equipment support, and product integrity that both companies have carried on over the years!