Matheson Isoinertial/PILE Lift + Dexterity & Range of Motion Panel System

$ 4,625.00

Our most popular Evaluation System!

Combines Lifting and Dexterity & Range of Motion

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Lifting Component: This heavy-duty freestanding system accommodates occasional and frequent lifting for the Isoinertial and PILE protocols. You’ll appreciate the small (42- by 42-inch) footprint. The shelves adjust to anthropometric and metric landmarks. Includes the Matheson Lift Box.

Dexterity and Range of Motion Component: The Matheson Dexterity and Range of Motion Panel System is a work capacity evaluation device which assesses an individual’s ability to perform the physical demands present in standing, sitting, table height, overhead, and floor level assembly and disassembly tasks. Successful completion of these tasks may assist case managers, physicians, and rehabilitation professionals to make accurate job match and return-to-work decisions.

This system is a criterion referenced test. Method-Time Measurement (MTM) time standards have been established for each of the 10 test protocols. With one system, evaluate fine finger dexterity, medium dexterity, gross grasp, hand-eye coordination, whole-body range of motion, sustained sitting, sustained standing, and visually occluded assembly. It can replace many individually purchased dexterity tests. Includes portable panel and extension for overhead testing.


  • Heavy-duty Frame
  • Lift Shelves
  • Portable Panel
  • Horizontal Panel
  • Extension
  • Matheson Lift Box
  • PILE Protocol
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Dexterity Case with all small parts and storage tubs
  • User Manual
  • Pad of Recording Forms
  •    ***Disc Weight Set sold separately***   

    Trying to decide between the PILE and ELC Protocols? A detailed comparison may be found by following this link.

    You also save nearly 30 percent & outfit yourself with three systems:

    1. Matheson Integrated Lift Evaluation System—Isoinertial and PILE
    2. Matheson Integrated Lift Evaluation System - Dexterity and Range of Motion Panel System
    3. Matheson Integrated Lift Evaluation System - Dexterity and Range of Motion Panel System—Portable Panel Only

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