Multidimensional Task Ability Profile (MTAP) Comprehensive Kit

$ 625.00

Quantifies perceived capacity to perform work tasks

The MTAP 2p is the paper and pencil version of the computerized Multidimensional Task Ability Profile, a 50-item questionnaire that quantifies perceived capacity to perform work tasks. The Comprehensive Kit includes a CD ROM MTAP Analytics ExcelTM Workbook software and videos.

In treatment programs, the patient’s progress can be documented easily. The MTAP provides a baseline measure of function in everyday tasks to compare to progress in subsequent treatment, extending the benefits beyond the clinic’s walls, into the patient’s life at home, at work, and in the community.

The MTAP assesses a wide range of activities of daily living, from self care, cooking and light housekeeping, to heavy home maintenance tasks. In comparison with functional tests, magnification of dysfunction can be identified. The MTAP matches abilities to the demands of work defined by the US Department of Labor Physical Demand Characteristics (PDC) of work system.
When administered as part of a treatment program, changes in functional status can be identified and measured, and the effect of treatment confirmed. Through the optional use of the included MTAP 2p Analytics ExcelTM software, the professional can easily identify clinical correlations, obtain statistical measures of consistency and charts that graph work capacity scores and activities of daily living scores, and compare MTAP results to performance on the EPIC Lift Capacity (ELC) test.


  • 2 test booklets with 50 drawings accompanied by a simple task description.
  • 1 examiner’s manual with instructions, reliability studies, and normative data.
  • 100 response sheets with Department of Labor PDC and MTAP normative data crosswalk.
  • CD ROM MTAP Analytics ExcelTM Workbook software and videos.
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