EPIC Lift Capacity Evaluation System

$ 4,665.00

The lift capacity test accepted in legal and research settings

2014 ELC Normative Data Research Paper now available.

The EPIC Lift Capacity test is a six-stage progressive test of lift capacity at the Occasional and Frequent Department of Labor frequencies. Developed by an interdisciplinary team headed by Leonard Matheson, PhD, specifically to evaluate persons with medical impairment and disability, it is the only test of lift capacity to be awarded a United States Patent (#5,848,594).

In an effort to contribute to the concept of ‘best practice’ in the field of occupational rehabilitation, EPIC Corporation sponsors an ongoing program of data collection and analysis. Data submitted by 1,000 certified evaluators in North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe fuels the body of normative data individual users may access in order to set treatment goals and to identify full effort during testing. The efficacy of the EPIC Lift Capacity has been demonstrated in numerous instances of expert witness testimony under Federal Rule of Evidence 702.

Included in the package:

      • Heavy-duty Frame w/ EPIC Shelf Height Labels
      • Lift Shelves
      • EPIC Color-Coded Blind Weights 
      • EPIC Lift Crate, Steel Enforced w/ Handles
      • EPIC Lift Clipboard
      • Heart Rate Monitor
      • EPIC Recording Form Pads
      • EPIC ONLINE Certification Kit – for 1 Evaluator
      • EPIC Site License

*** Please note this system does not include extension shown in photo***

Additional information about the ELC Test can be found HERE.
Trying to decide between the PILE and ELC Protocols? A detailed comparison may be found by following this link.

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Do not build this equipment yourself or buy it from an unauthorized supplier; we do not support or authorize other suppliers or home-built equipment. The unauthorized builder is assuming a great risk for product liability. It is difficult to standardize equipment over several sites, which would limit the inter-rater reliability that has been established for the ELC test. It is risky for the evaluee in that a fracture in a handle or an unstable shelf can cause injury.

We impose these controls strictly in order to protect the professionals who make the commitment to provide FCE services with integrity.

EpicRehab has a United States patent for the “evaluation of the work capacity of injured people” that covers the ELC. This patent is enforceable in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Matheson Development is an authorized EpicRehab equipment manufacturer. Through the equipment manufacturer, ELC test purchasers are provided a site license that allows legal use of the ELC test at their clinic, just as computer software is licensed. These agreements require that all ELC test users become formally trained and certified.

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