Progressive Occupational Demand System: Doll Chair Assembly Task Comprehensive Kit

$ 1,495.00

The Doll Chair Assembly Task (DCAT) Kit is part of the suite of products in the Progressive Occupational Demand (POD) System. The POD system allows the therapist to present the client with a just-right challenge, accomplished by providing varying degrees of difficulty and adding elements of distraction. This task focuses on the assembly of a meaningful object, a doll chair with three levels of complexity, and allows the use of concurrent auditory processing tasks (transcribing telephone messages) to be layered onto the assembly task.

The opportunity to catch and correct errors is a crucial part of work capacity evaluation for people with brain impairment or other problems such as chronic pain that interferes with concentration and attention. This kit includes 12 Situational Assessment activities plus the DCAT Work Sample test described below.

Watch the Doll Chair Assembly Task Work Sample demonstrated in use with a construction company owner who has experienced a mild traumatic brain injury. (Click here for full version)


  • Professional Examiner’s Manual
  • Labeled Baby, Momma, and Poppa Bear Chairs
  • Unlabeled Baby, Momma, and Poppa Bear Chairs
  • Baby, Momma, and Poppa Bear Assembly Manuals
  • Baby, Momma, and Poppa Bear Placement Parts
  • Mats
  • Audio Distraction CDs
  • Work Sample Score Sheets (25), with Norms
  • Situational Assessment Score Sheets (25)
  • Parts Bucket (1)
  • Goldilocks Bag for Parts Storage (3)
  • Distraction Parts for each chair

Features and Benefits

The DCAT Kit uses a 10-minute work sample test to identify the level of ;just-right challenge for a subsequent situational assessment that combines an assembly task with a concurrent telephone message transcription task. Multiple instructional methods are available for the situational assessment so that the therapist can identify the problems likely to be encountered as each method is used in the workplace.


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