Spinal Function Sort Kit - SPANISH

$ 340.00

Quantify ability to perform tasks involving the spine and lower extremities - IN SPANISH

With the Spinal Function Sort (SFS), clients rate their ability to perform 50 work tasks that involve the spine and lower extremities. In treatment programs, the patient’s progress can be documented easily.  The SFS provides a baseline measure of function in everyday tasks, to compare to progress in subsequent treatment, extending the benefits beyond the clinic’s walls, into the patient’s life at home, at work, and in the community.  In comparison with functional tests, magnification of dysfunction can be identified.A reliability profile is provided. Clients’ Rating of Perceived Capacity (RPC) score can be correlated with the DOT strength categories for work and with those of healthy or disabled males and females in US rehab programs. The SFS quantifies and documents reported functional capacity easily and inexpensively.


  • 2 SPANISH test booklets with 50 drawings selected by experts in rehabilitation from hundreds of tasks that persons with spine and lower extremity impairments report present significant challenges.  Each drawing is accompanied by a simple task description.
  • 1 ENGLISH examiner’s manual with instructions, reliability studies, and normative data
  • 100 SPANISH response sheets (2 score pads, 50 sheets each) with Department of Labor Physical Demand Characteristic chart

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